Βούρτσα λίπανσης

συλλογή βούρτσας λίπανσης
Lubrication brushes are specialized tools designed for applying lubricants to various mechanical components such as chains, gears, and cams to ensure smooth operation and reduce wear.

Types and Features of Lubrication Brushes

Materials and Bristles

  • Nylon and Synthetic Fiber Bristles: These bristles are flexible and durable, suitable for tight spaces between chain links, and ensure even application of lubricants. They are commonly used in lubrication brushes for bicycles and other machinery chains.
  • PA6 Bristles: Known for their high quality and reasonable price, these bristles effectively distribute lubricant evenly on roller shafts.
  • VA (Stainless Steel) Bristles: These bristles are exceptionally durable and heat-resistant, making them ideal for food production and other high-temperature environments. If the bristles fall off, they are easily detectable, which is crucial in certain industries.

Brush Design

  • Βούρτσες κυλίνδρων: These brushes have bristles mounted on rollers, allowing for even distribution of lubricant. They come in different widths and are designed to maintain good rolling contact with minimal pressure.
  • Flat Brushes: Used for applying lubricants on flat surfaces, these brushes are available with various bristle materials, including nylon and stainless steel.
  • Through Brushes: Featuring a threaded body, these brushes are designed for robotic applications and can handle different types of lubricants, including adhesives and high-viscosity coatings.


  • Λίπανση αλυσίδας: Lubrication brushes are widely used for maintaining various mechanical chains, including those on bicycles. They help apply both dry and wet lubricants, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of the chains.
  • Εφαρμογές Υψηλής Θερμοκρασίας: Brushes with stainless steel bristles are suitable for high-temperature environments, with some brushes capable of operating at temperatures up to 300°C.
  • Γενικά μηχανήματα: Lubrication brushes are also used for lubricating cams, gears, and other moving machine parts to reduce friction and wear.


  • Ακριβής Λίπανση: Lubrication brushes are designed to control the precise application of lubricants, minimizing waste and ensuring even coverage.
  • Αντοχή: High-quality materials and designs, such as corrugated bristles and VA spring elements, enhance the durability and effectiveness of lubrication brushes, making them suitable for various industrial applications.

Isohitech Manufacturer

Discover our comprehensive range of lubrication brushes at IsoHiTech, providing professional tools for precise and efficient lubrication in industrial environments. Whether you need evenly covering flat brushes or targeted chain-specific brushes, our product range offers perfect solutions for your mechanical maintenance needs. Each lubrication brush is designed with durability and performance in mind, ensuring optimal care for your equipment. Detailed product information, including specifications and application recommendations, helps you choose the ideal brush for your requirements. Enhance your daily maintenance work with IsoHiTech’s high-quality lubrication brushes, extending the lifespan and improving the performance of your machines.

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