SKF Lubrication Systems and Solutions

SKF provides comprehensive lubrication systems and solutions designed to enhance machine reliability, reduce maintenance costs, and improve overall equipment performance. Here are the key aspects of SKF lubrication systems:

Automatic Lubrication Systems (ALS)

  • Συνεχής Λίπανση: Delivers continuous lubrication while the machine is operating
  • Αποδοτικότητα: Eliminates the need to stop the machine for manual lubrication
  • Ποικιλία: Includes single-line, dual-line, multi-line, and progressive systems

Single-Line Lubrication Systems

  • Ευστροφία: Suitable for oil, fluid grease, or hard grease
  • Χωρητικότητα: Can handle systems with up to 900 lubrication points
  • Σειρά: Capable of long-distance operation (up to 100 meters for oil systems)
  • Εύρος θερμοκρασίας: Operates in a wide temperature range (-40°C to +70°C)

Συστήματα Προοδευτικής Λίπανσης

  • Εφαρμογές: Ideal for medium to small machines with dispersed lubrication points
  • Ευελιξία: Offers flexible metering
  • Αντοχή: Suitable for harsh conditions with potentially high back pressure


  • Single and Multi-Point: Includes automatic lubricators for single or multiple points
  • SKF SYSTEM 24 Series: Gas-driven single-point lubricators
  • Wired Lubricators: Connects to machine PLC for automated lubrication

Ελάχιστη ποσότητα λίπανσης (MQL)

  • LubriLean Technology: For near-dry machining processes
  • Αποδοτικότητα: Reduces energy consumption and lubricant use
  • Ευστροφία: Suitable for various machining processes


  • Μονάδες Αντλίας: Examples include P203 and FlowMaster
  • Μετρητικές Συσκευές: Examples include SSV and SLV
  • Μονάδες ελέγχου: Examples include LMC 301
  • Sensors, Tubing, and Fittings


  • Βιομηχανικά μηχανήματα
  • Μηχανήματα κατασκευής
  • Γεωργικά μηχανήματα
  • Ανεμογεννήτριες
  • Food and Beverage Facilities
  • Αυτοκινητοβιομηχανία
  • Εργαλεία μηχανής


  • Αυξημένη Αξιοπιστία: Enhances machine reliability
  • Μείωση κόστους: Lowers maintenance costs and downtime
  • Βελτίωση απόδοσης: Enhances equipment performance
  • Ενεργειακής απόδοσης: Improves energy efficiency
  • Μακροζωία συστατικού: Extends component life

SKF lubrication systems are designed to be flexible and reliable, suitable for a wide range of applications and environments. They offer solutions for new installations and retrofitting existing machinery, with monitoring and control options to ensure optimal lubrication management.

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