Beka EP 170 Pump Element


Beka EP 170 Pump Element

Η αρχική τιμή ήταν: 50.00 $.Η τρέχουσα τιμή είναι: 40.00 $.

  • Νήμα:M20x1.5
  • Διάμετρος: 6mm
  • Απόρριψη: 0.17ml/εγκεφαλικό επεισόδιο
  • Λιπαντικό:#000-#2 Γράσο
  • Beka PN:2152 99069 0000

The BEKA EP 170 pump element is a crucial component used in lubrication systems, specifically designed to deliver precise amounts of lubricant to equipment and machinery. Below are some key details about the BEKA EP 170 pump element:


  • Τόμος: 170 cubic millimeters per stroke
  • Μέγιστη πίεση: 350 bar
  • Delivery Medium: Suitable for grease
  • Piston Return: Positive control
  • Διασυνδέσεις: Available with various pipe fittings


  • Βαλβίδα περιορισμού πίεσης: Some models come with a pressure limiting valve, while others do not.
  • Γρασαδόρος: Certain models include a grease nipple for convenient lubrication.
  • Συμβατότητα: Designed for use with BEKA MAX lubrication systems, particularly the EP-1 single screw pump.


The BEKA EP 170 pump element is suitable for a variety of industrial applications where precision and reliability in lubrication are critical. It is ideal for central lubrication systems, ensuring continuous delivery of lubricant to multiple points within machinery.

By providing accurate and consistent lubrication, the BEKA EP 170 pump element helps maintain the efficiency and longevity of industrial equipment.

Βάρος 0.5 kg
Διαστάσεις 10 5 × × 5 cm
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