Συγκρότημα ευέλικτης επέκτασης μπεκ Bijur B101

Η αρχική τιμή ήταν: 70.00 $.Η τρέχουσα τιμή είναι: 65.00 $.

  • Λιπαντική ουσία: Ψυκτικό/Λάδι
  • Εύρος ιξώδους: Ψυκτικό με βάση το νερό μέχρι λάδι
  • Σπείρωμα εισαγωγής αέρα: 1/8 NPT
  • Σπείρωμα εισαγωγής υγρού: 5 / 16-24
  • Υλικό: Χύτευση Ψευδάργυρου Αλουμινίου
  • Συνολικό μήκος: 26.51 cm

Επισκόπηση προϊόντος

Η Bijur B101 is an injector assembly that is part of the Bijur Delimon lubrication product line. It is designed for industrial applications to ensure proper lubrication and cooling of machine components.


  • Τύπος λιπαντικού: Suitable for water-based coolants and oils
  • Εύρος ιξώδους: Capable of handling a variety of viscosities, from water-based coolants to oils
  • Air Inlet Thread: 1/8 NPT (National Pipe Thread)
  • Fluid Inlet Thread: 5 / 16-24


  • Ευέλικτη επέκταση: Allows precise positioning of the injector to target specific areas needing lubrication.
  • Ευστροφία: Compatible with various types of lubricants, suitable for different industrial environments.
  • Αντοχή: Designed to meet the demands of continuous industrial use.


The Bijur B101 is ideal for the following applications:

  • Machine Tool Operations: Ensures proper lubrication and cooling of cutting tools and workpieces.
  • Διαδικασίες Παραγωγής: Used in various manufacturing settings to maintain machinery and reduce wear.
  • Συντήρηση: Crucial for the upkeep of industrial equipment, ensuring longevity and efficiency.


The Bijur B101 flexible extension injector is a key component for effective lubrication and cooling of industrial machinery, offering flexibility, durability, and compatibility with a range of lubricants.

In summary, the Bijur B101 injector assembly is essential for maintaining optimal performance in industrial settings, providing precise lubrication and cooling to extend the life and efficiency of machinery.

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