Άκρο σωλήνα και καρφιά


Άκρο σωλήνα και καρφιά

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Το άκρο και το μπουλόνι του σωλήνα υψηλής πίεσης είναι κατάλληλο για τον εύκαμπτο σωλήνα υψηλής πίεσης και είναι πολύ εύκολο να το τοποθετήσετε στο χωράφι.

  • Υλικό: Χάλυβας
  • Χρησιμοποιείται για σωλήνα 8.6 mm ή 11 mm
  • Σωλήνας: 6mm ή 8mm
  • Πίεση εργασίας: 20Mpa

In various industrial applications, hose end fittings and studs are critical components used to connect and secure hoses to other components or fittings. Hose studs, also known as hose barbs or hose connectors, are designed to firmly grip the hose lining, ensuring a leak-proof connection for fluid or gas flow.

Key Features of Hose Studs

  1. Σχεδιασμός και Υλικά:
    • Hose studs are typically made of durable materials like carbon steel or stainless steel, providing corrosion resistance.
    • They come in various designs, including straight, 45-degree, and 90-degree angles, to accommodate different connection requirements.
  2. Λειτουργικότητα:
    • Hose studs have ridges or barbs along their length that grip the hose lining tightly, preventing it from slipping off.
    • The tapered or stepped design facilitates easy insertion into the hose.
    • The outer end of the hose stud usually features threads for connecting to other fittings, valves, or equipment.
  3. Εφαρμογές:
    • Hose studs are widely used in various industries, including:
      • Hot and cold water plumbing systems
      • Συστήματα αυτοκινήτων
      • Αρδευτικά συστήματα
      • Πνευματικά συστήματα
      • Fluid transfer systems

Συναρμολόγηση και αποσυναρμολόγηση

  1. Συνέλευση:
    • To install a hose onto a hose stud, the hose may be stretched or slightly heated to make it more pliable.
    • The hose end is then pushed onto the hose stud, ensuring the barbs grip the hose lining securely.
  2. αποσυναρμολόγηση:
    • To remove the hose, it is typically pulled off the stud, which may require some force due to the secure grip provided by the barbs.

Types of Hose Fittings

  1. Male Threaded Fittings:
    • These fittings have external threads that can be screwed into the internal threads of other components or fittings.
  2. Female Threaded Fittings:
    • These fittings have internal threads that can receive and securely connect to male threaded fittings.
  3. Εξαρτήματα γρήγορης σύνδεσης:
    • These fittings feature a quick-connect mechanism, allowing for fast and easy hose connections and disconnections, ideal for applications requiring frequent hose changes.
  4. Εξαρτήματα Camlock:
    • Also known as cam and groove fittings, these consist of two parts—a male adapter and a female coupler—with a secure locking mechanism.

Product Codes and Specifications

  • Various product codes apply to different types and sizes of hose end studs, including straight, 45-degree, and 90-degree configurations, with lengths ranging from 18 mm to 75 mm.

Συμβατότητα και Ποιότητα

  • Hose studs are designed to be compatible with high-pressure hoses and fittings produced by leading manufacturers of central lubrication devices and systems.
  • They come in different quality grades, such as zinc-plated steel, black chrome steel, and stainless steel, to meet various application requirements.

Hose end studs play a crucial role in ensuring reliable and secure connections between hoses and other components in various industrial fields. Their design, functionality, and compatibility with different systems make them essential for maintaining efficient and leak-free fluid or gas flow.

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