Ελεγκτής συστήματος λίπανσης


Ελεγκτής συστήματος λίπανσης

Η αρχική τιμή ήταν: 150.00 $.Η τρέχουσα τιμή είναι: 140.00 $.


Ισχύς: DC12V,DC24V,AC220V;
Υλικό κάλυψης: Χάλυβας ή Πλαστικό.

Lubrication system controllers are essential components for managing and monitoring the operation of automatic lubrication systems. Here are the key points about lubrication system controllers:

Purpose and Functions

  • Start and Control: Initiate and control the lubrication system based on preset intervals or external signals.
  • Διαχείριση Πίεσης: Manage the system’s pressure by opening/closing oil supply valves.
  • Ρυθμίσεις παραμέτρων: Allow setting of lubrication parameters such as discharge time, interval time, and drive time.
  • Παρακολούθηση και Ειδοποιήσεις: Monitor system operation and issue alerts for issues like blockages or low lubricant levels.

Τύποι και Χαρακτηριστικά

  • Compact Advanced Controllers: Suitable for small to medium-sized lubrication systems.
  • Αρθρωτό σχέδιο: Controllers with a modular design for easy configuration and expansion.
  • Multiple Operating Modes: Controllers with various operating modes like cycle, pulse, and flow.
  • Digitalηφιακοί ελεγκτές: Equipped with LCD displays and simple menu programming.
  • Απομακρυσμένη διαχείριση: Controllers with remote management capabilities.
  • Pump-Specific Controllers: Designed for specific pump types, such as motor-driven grease pumps.

Είσοδοι και έξοδοι

  • Είσοδοι: Can receive inputs from pressure switches, cycle switches, level sensors, etc.
  • Outputs and Alerts: Provide output signals and alerts for issues like low lubricant levels, low pressure, and low flow.
  • Έξοδοι ρελέ: Equipped with relay outputs to control lubrication pumps and other equipment.


  • Αυτόματη Λίπανση: Achieve precise and timely lubrication without manual intervention.
  • Προσαρμογή: Customize lubrication according to specific machine needs.
  • Απόδοσης: Help optimize lubricant consumption, preventing over-lubrication or under-lubrication.
  • Παρακολούθηση και Ειδοποιήσεις: Provide monitoring and alerts to quickly detect and address any faults in the lubrication system.

Lubrication system controllers are the “brains” of automatic lubrication systems. They control the timing and amount of lubrication, monitor system health, and provide alarm and communication functions to ensure optimal lubrication at all times. Choosing and programming the right controller is crucial to realizing the full benefits of an automatic lubrication system.

Βάρος 1 kg
Διαστάσεις 1 1 × × 1 cm
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