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Meter units are critical components in automatic lubrication systems that allow precise control over the amount of lubricant dispensed to each point in the system. Selecting the right type and size of meter unit based on the application and lubricant properties is important for reliable operation.

Metering units are devices used in automatic lubrication systems to precisely control and measure the amount of oil or lubricant delivered to each lubrication point. Here are the key points about metering units:

Types of Metering Units

Different types of metering units are used in various lubrication system designs:

Metering Units for Circulating Systems

  • Χαρακτηριστικά: Include a check valve to prevent lubricant backflow between cycles.
  • Παραδείγματα: Bijur Delimon’s FJB, FSA, and ASA units.

Control Devices for Continuous Systems

  • Χαρακτηριστικά: These units have an internal helical bore to control flow rate but do not include a check valve.
  • Παραδείγματα: CJB, CSA, and CT units.

Working Principle of Metering Units

Metering units are the final control elements that determine the amount of lubricant distributed to each bearing point. The pump delivers a known quantity of lubricant to the distribution network, and the metering units allocate varying amounts of lubricant to lubrication points.

  • Ελεγκτικός μηχανισμός: Each metering unit’s outlet is controlled by a fixed orifice, a movable pin, and an internal check valve.
  • Flow Rate Determination: The size of the metering orifice and valve pin determines the metering rate, while the check valve prevents system pressure loss between cycles.

Metering Rates

Metering units come in different sizes, with flow rates ranging from 3/0 (slow) to 5 (fast). Each step up in flow rate doubles the amount of oil delivered. The flow rate is stamped on the unit body, with arrows indicating the flow direction.


Metering units are used in automatic lubrication systems for various industrial equipment and machinery to ensure a continuous and optimal supply of lubricant to each point. This improves reliability and reduces maintenance compared to manual lubrication. Applications include:

  • Εξοπλισμός Κατασκευών και Μεταλλείων
  • Εργαλεία μηχανής
  • Συστήματα χειρισμού υλικών
  • Food Processing and Packaging Machinery
  • Ανεμογεννήτριες

By using metering units, these systems maintain precise control over lubrication, ensuring efficient operation and extended equipment life.

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